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Dr. Debby Rapps, Director

Debby Rapps

Debby Rapps is a highly experienced Jewish educator and administrator with a reputation for vision and warm leadership. Debby has been affiliated with the JYEP since its' inception in 1986 and has served as its director for 15 years. Debby earned her BA in Open Education and Jewish Studies from Queens College, CUNY, and her MA in Educational Psychology from Teacher's College, Columbia University. She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration from the Azrieli School of Education and Administration, Yeshiva University. Debby and her husband have four sons, three of whom live in Israel and one in Teaneck, NJ. Debby believes in offering a Jewish education in a warm and nurturing environment, in which each child is valued and where they leave wanting to further their Jewish education beyond their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Debby infuses the JYEP with a joy and passion for Judaism coupled with a commitment to Jewish education, spirituality and continuity.

Yoni Mandelstam, Rabbi

Adam Pomerantz

Yoni Mandelstam, our JYEP Rabbi, comes with a wealth of youth experience having worked in both formal and informal educational settings. He currently teaches Jewish Studies during the week at our host school, TABC. He worked for three summers in leadership roles in camp, providing staff and leadership training, and led a teen tour through Israel. He holds a Master's degree in Jewish Education and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Rabbi Mandelstam has a strong passion for Judaism and loves to share this passion with his students and their parents. He lives near the school, in Teaneck, and is married to Talya, a former Big Sister and they have a daughter Shani. His goal, as JYEP Rabbi, is to inspire those around him through song, stories and spirituality, in an open, welcoming and entertaining way.