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The JYEP Curriculum

The JYEP is a once a week Hebrew school where children learn about their rich heritage, learn Bible stories and Jewish history, bond with other Jewish children, and learn to read and speak Hebrew. The JYEP also prepares the children for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah through the supervision of the JYEP Rabbi.

JYEP inspires its students to embrace a love of Jewish learning so they may grow into literate, self-aware Jews and lifelong learners. The JYEP is committed to preparing your child for a life as a Jew in addition to preparing them for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

The JYEP meets for two and three quarter hours each week. The day is divided into three 50 minute sessions with a Kehilla/community time after the first 50 minute period where we come together as a school to sing, tell stories and review our upcoming events.

For Bible

  • 3rd grade- Introduction to Bible
  • 4th grade-Continuation of Bible- the Prophets
  • 5th grade- The weekly Torah portion
  • 6th grade- Jewish History- History of Jews in America, Holocaust Studies, History of Modern Israel
  • 7th Grade- the Bible Challenge

For Holidays

  • We teach/review the holidays in all grades based on their developmental levels
  • We teach using a variety of stories and interactive material, skits and projects to teach the holidays. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters reinforce the holidays, teaching them the blessings for Chanukah, the Haggadah, etc.

For Hebrew Reading

  • Each child is assigned a Big Brother or Big Sister who either individually, or 2:1 ratio, tutor the children. The "Bigs" are also encouraged to be in regular contact with their "littles", email or call them and allow them to see the life and vibrancy of Judaism.